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Zoo Printing Testimonials

Read what some of our customers have to say about us!

"I also want to say that you and your whole crew have shown that you are incredibly dedicated to customer service and are all good, caring individuals.

Thanks for everything!

- Wayde M.

"Stephen, thank you for your telephone call. Please feel free to pass this along to the management team.

To reiterate, we are very happy with the service that we have received from Zoo and consider Zoo a strong and healthy partner with Integra. We also consider Zoo to be of the highest print quality caliber which is essential for our business.

I have really appreciated the flexibility offered to us in the day-to-day jobs and will stress that our hope is that as Zoo continues to grow that you will continue to be FLEXIBLE. I understand when processing large volumes of orders in a gang run situation you need to have systems and a seamless workflow to keep things moving. However, the reality of business is that things change during the process of jobs and when Zoo agrees to bend their rules a little to help us serve our customers needs and changes, that means the world to us!

Thanks again for your commitment to service and excellence and keep up the good work!

- Kerry L.

"Hey we got the catalogs today and they look great. Thanks!!!!"

- Richard P.

"Thank you so much for jumping all over that job for me. The customer is literally our biggest customer and they were THRILLED with the quality, turnaround, and price."

- James J.

"Thanks for taking care of this so promptly. I think that this type of response will go a long way toward restoring my client's confidence (and mine). I feel that anyone can make a mistake. What's important is how you respond to it and I very much appreciate how Zoo handled this."

- James W.

" I received my order Friday afternoon and it was perfect! That's not a word I use often, but it applies to this situation. I was quite concerned-a print job is one thing,.....but a mailing certainly complicates matters.

Not only did you have to do the mailing work, but then ship the whole project back to me so I could bring it to my local Post Office. And it worked! Everything looked excellent!


- Kevin G.

"You are awesome Shannon!! AND SO is your TEAM!! Thanks :) and I will look for delivery here by Thursday the 12th!!"

- Sharon M.

"Wow, wow, wow! Great Service!"

- Shalom Printing.

" Okay, the customer was so happy she threw her arms around me, kissed me, then paid me cash. (I feel like I need a shower....lol!)

So, off to the bank I go and a big THANK YOU to you and the team at Zoo Printing - let your driver know how much I appreciate his help today. :)"

- Susan E.

"Thank You Shannon! We are glad to have Zoo on our side!"

- Vickie M.

"I can't thank you and the Zoo staff enough for all that you did to make this job a huge success! My client is super impressed with the quality, turnaround time, and personal attention to this job. I am confident that this is only the beginning of many more orders to come our way. :)"

- Terri T.

" Thanks for contacting me this morning. I felt better, like someone there is taking care of clients. Stu is uploading the file, or maybe has already. Thanks"

- Matti S.

"Thanks for the call and the customer service . . . it definitely means a lot to me and how I choose my vendors.

I am not a huge print broker, but I am highly selective with who I use. I like to use local printers when possible and try to build lasting relationships. Its hard to migrate print work from one vendor to the next unless the prices and quality are competitive. So that's what I look for. The challenge I face is finding trade prices that I can sell back to my clients with a decent margin on my end.

Another biggie for me has been ease of use with the interface of your web site. I noticed that you guys are constantly working on improving your site, so I dont think that is a problem.

I dont really think I will ever need a 'branded' site, but its also good to know its an option.

Anyway, the fact that you personally followed up my ticket with a phone call scores major points these days."

- Francesco

"Hello, My name is Darrell B., my company name is Stylesprint.com you may have me under styes for some odd reason. LOL.

I just want to say thank you for your customer service and support. Your Louisville Facility is wonderful and the guys there are absolutely fantastic. The guy Bill who works in the front is Super helpful and nice. The customer service rep there in the front area, is super helpful and always happy (I think he loves his job). Ark is the manager, and I tell you, He is SUPER Helpful and always willing to answer any question. He treats me as if im his biggest client!!! I'm so happy to be a customer of ZOO!! I'm a loyal customer and I just want to say thanks.

If there is anyway that this could get to the Owner of the Company please let him get this.

Whoever you are Sir, I just want to say THANK YOU!!! for doing such a wonderful Job. This is my bread and butter, and your guys make it happen for me. Thanks alot!!!."

- Darrell B.

"I do want to report something that Joseph B. is an absolutely terrific customer service rep who goes above and beyond and has totally earned my loyalty for Zoo. Thank you!"

- Kellie

"I just want to say what an amazing 1st experience I had Zoo Printing. For starters... I can't even BELIEVE how awesome your pricing is. And the fact that you guys were able to turn it around so quickly absolutely saved my week!

I feel like I have 'seen the light' as far as any future printing needs go.

A big fan."

- John G.

"I just wanted to say a big 'THANK YOU' for all you and your staff do for us! I really appreciate the quick turnaround and the promptness that you did for one of my recent jobs -- a banner that I needed shipped on Tuesday. My customer was so pleased. We both forgot about the holiday in this week and they had panicked about this since they needed this banner for an event this weekend.

Again, Thanks so much for all that you do for us!"

- Jennifer B.

"The COAs came out great and once again, I greatly appreciated your help in getting this project done.

I look forward to future 'maintenance free' projects with you an Zoo Printing in the future!"

- Andy


You are great! Spoke with the production manager and he was very understanding and once again customer service is top notch at zoo printing. You guys are awesome!

Thanks again for the customer support!"

- Rommel S.

"Has anyone told you lately how awesome you are?!? You make us look good;-)"

- Diana M.

"Thank you!!! I have tried about 5 different vendors and you were by far the most helpful!! Thank you so much, and have a great day!!"

- Rebecca S.

"Our order 959363-Aarrived today and the booklets look great. I wanted to thank you and your team for expediting this job. It will allow us to complete the die cutting and deliver to USC tomorrow.

Great work!"

- Richard G.

"Recent order for Kia.NICE JOB!! I'm running like a bat out of hell but just wanted to drop you a quick note about your business card product.

Always cut right (having issues at (Competitor Name Omitted) lately), so I imagine more of my future business is headed your way. Thanks for the good work Shannon."

- Jim B.

"The customer received them and they LOVED them! Thank you so much for all of your help."

- Julie J.

"Thanks so much with your assistance on the "Rush" door hangers. The order was received today and they look FABULOUS!! They will be delivered to the customer this evening. I wanted to personally say thanks soooo much for helping us to get this expedited. The customer ordered door hangers last year but they were spot color without UV and cost twice as much. They are going to be floored with the difference. You guys ROCK!!"

- Nenette G.

"I can't thank you and the Zoo staff enough for all that you did to make this job a huge success! My client is super impressed with the quality, turnaround time, and personal attention to this job. I am confident that this is only the beginning of many more orders to come our way. :)"

- Terri T.

"To be honest over 2 years ago I was hesitant at even using Zoo because well I was getting a better price for the cards, but as turnaround has improved and the incentives and the specials have gotten better, Zoo is my number one choice now.

Over the past month business has been slow, but I have been able to increase orders because of ebay. I would not be able to do this if it was not for the pricing and for the fast turnaround. Zoo has always taken care of me and has always helped me out as much as they could.

I get nothing but compliments from clients in the quality of the product and the pricing. Thank you so much for all that you guys do, and I hate that I missed the open house in Kentucky earlier this month, but maybe next time.

- Eric F.

"Thank you very much for your attention and information. Wow, Zoo just keeps getting better--great products, unbeatable prices, personalized customer service (before you Victor always bent over backward for me and it's been wonderful to talk to a live voice at the other end) ... and now even faster turnarounds!? It doesn't get any better than that.

Thanks again for your followup calls and emails--much appreciated. Will certainly continue to be a return customer and will also be in touch if I need any help.

- Jana

"Thanks so much for your help on the Brochures (HALO quad fold) and the Yard Signs. It appears that BOTH will be arriving here TODAY! The brochures will be two days early but that is GREAT!

Thank You,"

- Rick B.

" We had a customer that needed Full Color door hangers in less than 7-10 business days. This same customer placed an order for 2 color spot door hangers last year through one of our Preferred Suppliers.

I stopped by the Zoo booth at the IPU Affiliate Forum and meet the Representatives. I contacted my connection directly and asked if it would be possible to rush the order through. He made a call to the Kentucky Production facility and got the order cleared through their Production Manager. Instead of 9-12 business days with shipping after art approval, we received the order in 4 days! They look absolutely fabulous and were half the cost of the other Supplier's SPOT hangers... plus we got UV Coating.

We have processed several orders through ZOO but this one had several snags and they came through with flying colors.

All the best!"

- Nenette G.

" Kuddos to your team! Appreciate everything Zoo does for us. You guys are great partners!"

- Bob S.

" Great job, we liked so much, I have a billboard going up on Sierra Hwy next week, advertising business cards for $29.99 we normally sell them for $41.00 but your prices are lower than (Competitor Name Omitted), that I will be able to sell them for less and in the long run make more money in the volume.


- Jorge V.

"Thank you so much for your help on this order! The print job was GREAT and my customer was thrilled when I delivered the post cards in less than 24hrs! It is exactly this kind of service that helps distributors like me to look good and solidify our relationships with our customers and build on sales.

Thanks again!!!"

- Denny S.

"Just called into customer service - 45 sec waitvery nice!

I think my gripe about getting a hold of Zoo should have been directed at (Competitor Name Omitted) and (Competitor Name Omitted). Both of them are difficult to reach. I think I just lumped Zoo into the mix because you guys are all similar in your business model."

- DJ S.

"I love Zoo Printing. I rarely shop other vendors, but when I do, Zoo's prices always compare or beat the competition.

I am not doing a lot of print ad work these days and mostly web apps, but will definitely run all my clients through Zoo when their needs turn to print."

- Jonathan.

"Happy New Year! I have been actually using Zoo Printing since November, I had some problems with my orders with (Competitor Name Omitted) and as much as I want to use them because they are so close to me, turn around time has been the issue due to the problems that they are having. Anyway, I am very happy with Zoo Printing, quality and prompt service is what I only get. Quite far butfor right now it is working outand actually I have been picking my orders since I drive to LA quite often and I have customers in your area. I also shared the serivce with Shawn from Advantage Graphics and he is very pleased himself with the turn around time especially. Keep it up."

- Mary A.

"Just wanted to touch base with you and let you know how pleased I am with the pricing, quality of work and the support I have received from Zoo Printing. After over 20 years owning and operating my own print shop I have come to the realization that the days of the small offset printer are numbered. Zoo has opened a whole new business opportunity for printers like me. It is now more cost efficient and effective to utilize your services then it is to continue to try and survive by printing in house.

The advantages of your branded website, your equipment capabilities, your aggressive pricing and the high quality of the work you produce are hard to beat. I can be more profitable with less equipment and production headaches utilizing your production services while I concentrate an sales and customer service.

Thank you,"

- Bob M.

"Your company deserves a lot of credit for the way you conduct your business. The pricing is what got me to kick the tires, but your quality, service and the way you work with my specific business needs is what keeps me as a customer.

I'm really happy to have Vick to work with. He is a great guy and always takes care of my needs. I'm always looking for ways to bring more work to Zoo.

Take care,

- Rob F.

"Omg. I love Zoo Printing!"

- Dennis K.

"This letter is in reference to the amazing work that Zoo Printing has been doing for me over the past year. Our relationship really kicked off about a year ago. I had a very specific print job that other outsourcing companies couldn't do. I stopped at Zoo's booth last year at Thrive and talked to Shannon and Mark. They were eager to help with this project. Since that first job, my relationship has only grown. Zoo's color reproduction is far better, especially blues, and above all, the customer service far exceeds expectations. Turn around times are fantastic and allow me to be profitable and competitive. Thank you for all your support!"

- Amanda C.

"Erik, Good News. My customer found his packages next door and retrieved them safely. Your screenshot of the receipt (Signature) helped. He tracked it to the guy next door. Thank you so much for all your help. You can cancel the claim against UPS now.

Your response and the way you handled this issue was top notch. (Especially this was not your fault to start with). I now know I can trust you guys 100%. You have one happy customer for life.

Thank you again."

- William

"I would like to take a moment to let your company know about the extraordinary customer service I received from Jose G. Mr. G assisted me with expedition of the turnaround time for a vinyl banner project for one my problems clients. Jose was very diligent even though I wasn't as lucid as I should have been. He was also very patient and followed up with me with several calls until he got the information he need so he could attempt to alleviate the situation.

This was first time I have ever had to call your customer service number and it was a great experience. Thank you so much for having an amazing staff, your great prices and exemplary products.

Have a beautiful day."

- Sabrina E.

" I just wanted to say thank you for helping keep the client a client and a happy client. I realize that you guys are completely ignoring the reasonable guidelines for a company off zoo's site when dealing with this complaint.

Again, thank you.

- Ike T.

"In my 25 years of dealing with printers large and small, you and your team have provided the most superior service.

Thank you so much Ark!!"

- Mari E.

" Your CSR's rock!!! I had a hiccup yesterday and they sorted it out and fixed the issue .. Thank you"

- Tim W.

"I wanted to thank you and your team for being "spot on". On this particular order, the copy did not fit the the product exactly - we are trimming in house - but your team checked with me - before I had 5,000 pieces of product I had to pitch. Thank you, big time!"

- Diane M.

"You've got a winner here; Allen Avery in Customer Retention has the knowledge and expertise in printing to bring this ole school graphic designer into the 21st century of digital printing. His outstanding personality and eagerness to assist was greatly appreciated. If Allen represents the quality of employees at Zoo Printing; I'll be a customer for life. Wow!

Many thanks,

- Victoria C.

"I want to thank you for the great customer service from your fulfillment manager Gabe D. We had a new customer that needed to notify their clients of a change which could not legally go into affect until they received written notification. Gabe understood the importance of the timing and the critical nature of the mailing. He personally guided the process to make sure the mailing occurred as needed. Thank You for Hiring conscientious employees who care."

- Diane H.

"Thank you so much for coming to my rescue!"

- Jim S.

"A big THANK YOU to EDWARD and the friday afternoon so-cal production team. though we had three days to complete a next-day order, it was delayed with a misunderstanding re proofing and then delayed in production. we missed freight pick up scheduled for 4pm (will call) on friday - but edward's solution of switching to UPS ground for that evening made all the difference. the packages are under way, scheduled to arrive at their Las Vegas destination on monday, in time for the client's trade show. without your help we would have missed the event - and lost the client.


- Eva

"Thank you so much for the great job you do everyday! you make us look good, you make our customers happy, and your employees make it fun too!

You rock every day! Thank you!!!!

- Kate B.

"Zoo Printing is a very easy company to work with. Great quality, on time deliveries and will work with us if we have special needs on a project by project basis. Their website is easy to use and fairly comprehensive. Special items not found on their website can be quoted through their website. There is no need to call for a quote. They are competitive within their business model and they don't view doing business with us as somehow doing us a favor. If you need high quality, competitively priced gang run printing I definitely recommend Zoo Printing."

- Rob F.

"Bravo!!! I had some issues with the files for these jobs, then with submitting a ticket the wrong way, then changing proofs, then changing ship method... bottom line is that all this activity was going to prevent me from getting these to my client on time. I was prepared to enter new orders at my expense this morning as next day jobs to meet my client's needs. But when I came this morning to do that, I see that my 2-3 day jobs were done not one, but 2 days early! Thanks to Frank and everyone else who helped make this happen! It's fun to go to the "Zoo."! (I'll be back)"

- Kortney L.

"So far I've ordered twice from your company and I am very happy with the end products! Thank you!"

- Tehillah B.

"This is a way overdue commendation for Marco in WILL CALL. (I am extremely forgetful, so sure hope that this is his name - but while all of the staff there are friendly, he stands out as more than that).

Every time I come to pick up my promotional materials, I find him to be very efficient, service oriented, friendly and upbeat. He represents your company as a great place which treats its employees right and seems to be a great place to work.

Having worked in WILL CALL for a while, he knows me and my car by now. So now my picking ticket is always already printed by the time I walk in the door and he is working on collecting my items. He is never too busy or too lazy to help me out getting my boxes to my car when they are too numerous for me to easily carry myself.

This is a very commendable service orientation in a business environment which is increasingly impersonal and non-caring.

Thank you, Marco. I really do appreciate your service as a frequent customer."

- Hannes

"Just a quick note to say how happy we are with Zoo Printing. Your team has continually produced our job with excellence. Glad we made the switch."

- Bob B.

"THANK YOU SO MUCH! And again thank you! Your prompt service and turnaround time made my customer very happy. Your attention to my request is so greatly appreciated. Its something you/we don't see everyday and I just wanted to take the time to express my gratitude.

Enjoy your coming holiday season! It meant alot."

- Lloyd

"I wanted to take a moment to express my thanks for the prompt turnaround on this job. The finished product looked great and I was able to get them to my customer with time to spare. Again thanks to all involved."

- Walt H.

"You guys are terrific, always great work! Thanks for the hustle!!!"

- Diane

"Shannon - really - thank you so much for your attention to this. You really saved the day. My client appreciates it, our company appreciates it and I appreciate it personally."

- Ronald B.

"I just wanted to take a minute to thank you. I have sent only a handful of orders, and I have not been disappointed in anything. I'm sure I'm one of your very smallest customers, but you treat me like I'm valuable. I've had occasion to call and speak to some of you, and it has always been pleasant and helpful. I wanted to make a point to let you know that I appreciate your company, and every individual that makes my orders happen. Please let everyone know that even though you rarely hear it - YOU ROCK!"

- Mindy W.

"Thank you for getting that job done guys. They looked amazing and our client was very happy that we met their deadline.

Again, thank you for making us look good."

- Andy

"I appreciate YOU. Not just "the business

A lot of printsters bs their way through tough situations. The reason I enjoy working with you and your company is that you listen and act and walk the walk when needed--and the front end, prepress and pressmen kick major a--, man. Major a--. I know the workload and stress their under -- and they hit the long ball every time. Please, please pass along my expression of gratitude to them. It's important for the front end players to know how much those of us who know the industry appreciate and respect their effort and craftsmanship.

I've been in the game for a scrillion years and I'm not blowin' smoke. I love the industry and the art of printing.

Credit due.


It's the personal connection and your understanding and concern for my a-- hangin' in the wind that supersedes the rest of the chatter.

Thanks again Frank! You and your company rock hard. I hope they are taking good care of you and your craftsmen brothers.

Love Zoo, man.

Have a great Holiday season, Amigo."

- B.

"I talked to a Daniel in customer service the other day and wanted to let Zoo printing know he is an asset to Zoo. He was great and made me feel confident about my order getting in and done on time. Thanks Daniel."

- Jeremy

"Hello Zoo,

I just wanted to reach out to you on behalf of Kwik Kopy Printing. We recently submitted this order, and I have to say, that you guys have gone above and beyond the call of duty to help us get and maintain this order. We are so pleased with the customer service your company has provided. I have dealt with Chris, Kirk, and Patrick on this order, among some other names that I am failing to remember, and they have been so great in helping us with questions and satisfying not only our needs, but our customers as well. A BIG thank you to you all. You guys and girls are doing a GREAT job!

Thank You!"

- Chuck

"So how do I begin in telling you about Joe B., your employee. In allthe years I've have been doing business with your company if every I had a problem or situation come up Joe was there to help me and to make the situation go away. Basically, going over and above the call of your average employee.

This I find very rare in these days when customer service just gives you a random robot answer of "no" or "I don't know" or "nothing I can do". He away gives me 110% if thats possible, and away says, "Let me see what I can do, that's why I'm here to help you". Just that alone gives me comfort that I'm speaking to a person who actually cares about my business. You have a very rare individual there working for you. I feel sometimes he is part owner in the company, as only a owner would want to go the mile for you. Recently, he helped me in an order that I promised my client, of 5,000 business cards. And he also left a phone call telling me the order will be shipping & I'll be receiving them before Friday. I haven't returned his call, as I'm tired of thanking him again and again. So, I took the time yesterday to contact you the Manager of Customer Service. I just wish you could clone Joe & have 100 people like him. So glad I found Zoo Printing and Joe B. working for you over there.

Thank you for taking the time yesterday of listening to me. Have a great weekend."

- Carmen L.

"Hi! I just wanted to let your corporate offices know that Sam P. has been a great resource for me at Zoo Printing. He has been the point person for all of my mailing jobs. The first 2 mail jobs did not go well and Sam stepped in and helped me navigate your system so the issues have since been minor. He deserves special mention because he goes above and beyond."

- Rue B.

"I have used Zoo Printing for several jobs. The work was very good quality, very well priced and delivered in excellent condition. I have had several conversations with representatives in their customer service department. They were very knowledgeable, helpful, efficient and friendly. Sending them more jobs now."

- Pat S., 8/28/2012 Yelp.com

"As a graphic designer, I have been using Zoo Printing for my print jobs for the past several years. This company provides quality printing at very good rates. The website is very easy to use making the entire process a painless endeavor. I truly recommend Zoo Printing for anything from business cards to flyers to large format projects. After more than three years as a customer, Zoo Printing hasn't let me down yet!"

- Will W., 07/11/12, Yelp.com

"I have been Designing and printing as a business for over 15 years now. 3 months ago I just switched over to zoo printing, and i have to say I am very impressed with their customer service, Price matching and quality. They go above and beyond for you. Something I have never seen before in a printer. They are there for you when you are in a tight jam and make your print jobs happen, where other printers can not meet your dead lines. on behalf of my Business and my family I would Like to thank zoo Printing for being there for me through the rough times of my business and making my business become bigger and stronger. a special thank you to the production, sales and staff over at zoo printing. without you guys my business would be a failure.

Thank you guys from the bottom of my heart"

- Rani E., 07/11/12, Yelp.com

"I've printed 23 jobs with Zoo since Jan 2009 (just logged in to check) and I'll continue to choose them because their prices are terrific, it's super easy to get estimates for any of the products they offer, and my clients have been 100% delighted with the color quality, choices in sizes and stock, and speed of their jobs, all of which have been 4-color offset, except for two enormous banners I ordered when large format printing/banners were on sale. The banners still look brand new and they've been vertically mounted on a post outside an art gallery getting full morning California sun for 2 years. On the one or two occasions when I've had a question for customer service, they've been easy to reach and responsive. Nice to work with professionals that also stand behind their work. The negative responses from other reviewers are completely unlike any experiences I've had with Zoo and I will continue to recommend them highly, without reservation, to other graphic designers (and printers) too."

- Maureen L., 06/06/12, Yelp.com

"Hey I wanted to thank you so much! I had a mix up with my order and you guys took care of it and got me the correct product in under 48 hours! I'm amazed. With the customer service and the quality I have no reason to go anywhere else for my printing needs."

- Cuttlefish Graphics, 07/27/12, Facebook.com

"The response I get when people see the quality of work that comes out of Zoo is great. Keep working hard and giving us good products."

- Eric F., 07/06/12, Facebook.com

"Best business card rates, fast production time. Love working with these guys."

- Jonathan Z., 04/14/12, Facebook.com

1225 Los Angeles St., Glendale, CA 91204