Loyalty Program

Be Smart, Be Loyal!

Experience the Nation's lowest prices for yourself. Where else can you get 1,000 Business Cards for just $7.00 in return for your loyalty?

Our customer loyalty program includes 5 tiers to help our customers earn huge savings. You immediately save on every product and service we offer when you start at bronze status, and your discounts get bigger as you work your way toward the diamond tier.

Track your progress in real time

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The More You Buy, The More You Save

We have created five tiers of saving for this program. We update your tier every month based on a formula that includes how long you've been a customer, how many orders you've placed over the past three months, and the dollar amount of each order.

To track your status, keep an eye on your loyalty gauge. The needle shows your current pricing tier, while the red tab shows your progress toward the next tier. There are five tiers of pricing: Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, & Diamond. We've developed this so that you know at a glance what your current status is and how close you are to your target for the next evaluation.

How does the Program Work?

We start every new customer off with our Bronze tier pricing, which is already the nation's lowest introductory pricing. Just imagine the savings once you reach the Diamond tier!

If I'm a bronze tier customer, will I have access to all of Zoo's products?

The answer is "Yes." It doesn't matter what your tier is; every customer has access to all of our products and services.

How often is it updated?

Your pricing tier is updated every month. It is based on your orders over the previous three months. We use your three month averages to determine your tier pricing because we understand that every business has slow months and you shouldn't be penalized for it.

How do I Sign Up?

No Signup Forms are required. All customers are registered for the Loyalty Program automatically (except accounts with special terms).

For competitive reasons, we are unable to disclose the exact algorithm we use. If you have questions regarding the Loyalty Program, please submit a ticket and one of our helpful customer service representatives will contact you.

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