About Us

Welcome to Zoo Printing!

Who we are:

We are one of the largest online trade printers in the nation. From our beginning, Zoo Printing built the company on high quality, low prices, fast turnaround and great customer service.


While fast turnaround times and low pricing are important, we know that you need high quality printing. From 4-Color Offset to Large Format, our highly skilled operators use state of the art equipment to produce your jobs. Our automation technology and emphasis on quality control provide fast turnaround and consistent quality. Each of our production facilities continuously monitors and calibrates our proofing and printing equipment to meet the highest standards.


Zoo offers a wide variety of services. Everything from Design Online to Direct Mail and a generous Loyalty Program are built to help you grow your sales while saving money. Our Branded Website program is a tool to help you compete online. To see a comprehensive list of our services, simply click the "Services" tab at the top of the page.


Our workflow is almost entirely automated. We have a highly skilled prepress department to help make sure your files are formatted correctly, and of course we have skilled professionals operating the machines, but everything from your file upload until your job mails or ships is part of a refined automated process that delivers fast turnaround. We have duplicate equipment in locations on both sides of the country to keep your jobs on schedule.

Products and Pricing:

We offer the largest selection of print products online at the nation's best prices. Buy 4-Color Offset, 4-Color Digital, 1 & 2 Color, Large Format Flexible and Rigid, and Roll Labels all from Zoo Printing, your online print partner.

1225 Los Angeles St., Glendale, CA 91204