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PhotoQR™ Codes

What are they?

PhotoQR™ takes QR code technology to a whole new level. Patent-pending technology allows you to personalize and customize your QR code by placing a picture or logo inside. Unlike traditional black and white QR codes, PhotoQR™ makes your code stand out from the crowd.

Your brand becomes instantly mobile and interactive with PhotoQR™.

When someone scans your code with their web-enabled smartphone, they link directly to the website you choose when you create your code.

Utilize PhotoQR™ to better promote your business by sending people to your blog, website, LinkedIn® or Facebook® page, Twitter® feed, Pinterest® or Instagram® account, YouTube® video clip or other helpful things like a map, reviews, a menu, coupons or even photo albums.

With PhotoQR™ there is no need for your customers to remember phone numbers or websites. They just open their QR-reader app and point their mobile phone's camera at your code. Voila!

Creating a PhotoQR™ code is simple. Just upload your image to automatically generate a preview and click "Finalize It" if you like what you see.

With each code you also receive an optional Profile Page that you can link to if you wish. This is helpful if you do not have a website or if you want to provide your customers with tailored information.

Once you regsiter an account, you can redirect or change where your code sends people when they scan it. You can send people to your blog one week, your website the next and later link to a coupon. This is especially helpful if you change your website address; you won't need to reprint all your products with a new code. Simply log into your account and redirect your code's destination.

You can easily add codes you create on almost any of our print products. With PhotoQR™, you can make traditional printed products mobile and interactive, bridging the gap between offline and online.

PhotoQR™ also offers a number of value-added features and services including tracking how many times and when your code has been scanned with our analytics platform. Our business-intelligence features can help you better determine the effectiveness of your advertising campaigns and measure your advertising ROI.

In the future, PhotoQR™ will integrate more helpful things like social networking compatibility, location-based features and more to further empower all of your printed products.

From business cards and brochures to stickers, decals, posters and even postcards with direct mail, PhotoQR™is adding new products and services all the time to make it a snap for you to benefit from the power of today's increasingly mobile environment. With PhotoQR™, it's easy to connect people to the destinations and information you choose, so create and customized your code today.

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