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Vinyl Banner Design Checklist

Vinyl Banner Design ChecklistWhen it comes to traditional marketing, vinyl banners are one of the most versatile and cost-effective vehicles. They’re durable, transportable and make a striking visual impact.

Don’t use a banner’s low-tech style as an excuse to be casual about design. You should put as much thought and planning into banners as you do any other element of your marketing program.

Use this checklist to tick off all the necessary boxes for a great vinyl banner design that will reinforce your brand and drive customers to your product or service. Continue reading →

Designing Your Business Card With Psychology In Mind

Designing Your Business Card With Psychology In MindThink about all the different business cards you’ve given and received. Now consider which ones have been the most appealing. Have you ever thought about what makes certain business cards more attention-getting that others?

While the obvious answer is design, the real answer goes deeper. There are documented and accepted psychological reasons why people respond to specific design features.

Here are some crucial design elements along with tips for gaining a psychological edge in your business card design: Continue reading →

Tips & Advice On The Most Effective Postcard Marketing

Tips & Advice on Postcard MarketingIn today’s digital world, many traditional marketing methods such as postcard marketing have fallen out of favor. Actually, savvy professionals have found that the most effective programs include a mix of modern and old school techniques.

Do you believe that postcards are too low-tech to produce results? A well-designed postcard marketing campaign can return anywhere from four to 12 times your investment.

Use these tips to design and use your postcard marketing efforts more effectively to add real value to your overall marketing plan. Continue reading →

Printing Definitions: What Does 4/4, 4/1, 4/0, and 1/1 Mean?

Printing TerminologyPrinting, like many other industries, has developed a unique set of terms that serve as shorthand for a number of techniques and processes. This makes it easier to communicate by standardizing the language and eliminating possible ambiguity or misinterpretation.

When working with a printer, you might have encountered a variety of terms that might be unclear to you, such as 4/4, 4/1, 4/0, 1/1 or 1/0. Numbers usually refer to sizes, but in this particular case, these specific terms represent different color processes used for print jobs.

Four-Color Printing vs. Spot Printing

These terms are based on traditional four-color printing, also known as CMYK. Cyan (blue), magenta (red), yellow and black (or key) are printed in small dots at various angles that blend to create a wide spectrum of colors. On the other hand, spot printing involves the use of single colors as defined by the Pantone Matching System (PMS). Continue reading →

6 of The Best Promotional Products for Any Business

6 of The Best Promotional Products for Any BusinessSocial media and online content have become essential parts of effective marketing plans, but they work best in conjunction with tried-and-true promotional and marketing methods. Promotional products are an outstanding way to generate goodwill for your business while keeping your company and brand in front of customers and prospects.

The best promotional items are simple and useful items that appeal to a wide audience.

Here are 6 of the very best promotional products (along with a few newer products) to use in creating your product giveaway mix. Continue reading →

Tips & Advice For Working With Commercial Printers

Tips Advice For Working With Commercial PrintersNo matter how much time and money you invest in designing your company’s brochures, banners, business cards, catalogs, postcards, and any other printed marketing material needed, a good commercial printer is the one who can bring it all to life. You can’t afford to turn your orders over to a printer with limited capabilities only to end up with unsatisfactory results that come about from unrealistic expectations to begin with.

It pays to develop a good working relationship with your printer. In exchange for regular business, you can receive benefits ranging from price breaks to expedited service. Here are some valuable tips on commercial printing services that can help you navigate how to select the right commercial printer for your business. Continue reading →

5 Amazing Custom Printing Ideas to Wow Your Customers

5 Amazing Custom Printing Ideas to Wow Your CustomersVisual communication has always been a significant element of marketing, but it’s become even more important in the digital age. A study by Microsoft discovered that over the last 15 years the average attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to eight seconds. Humans are now more easily distracted than goldfish.

A strong visual image can help get your message across while improving retention. Using a few custom printing items is a fantastic way to make a visual impact and really “Wow” your customers.  When you combine your imagination with the skills of a great printer, the possibilities are endless. Here are five amazing custom printing ideas to get you started.

Continue reading →

10 Creative Ways To Use Postcards to Promote Your Business

Use Postcards from Zoo PrintingWhen you hear the word “postcard,” your thoughts probably turn toward vacationing in picture-perfect locations. You might be surprised to learn that these diminutive 4″ x 6″ cards contain a really powerful marketing punch for small businesses. Just as a postcard allows you to share the highlights of your vacation, a marketing postcard can focus precisely on exactly what you want customers and prospects to know.

The following is a list of 10 creative ways to use postcards to market small business’ product or service to focus precisely on e what you want customers and prospects to know. You can use them as is or even let them inspire your own ideas! Continue reading →

Designing A Great Retail Sales Catalog

Designing A Great Retail Sales CatalogThere was a time when thick, glossy retail sales catalogs were a regular part of mail delivery to American households. The most iconic of these, the Sears Roebuck and Co. catalog, offered everything from clothing to appliances to prefab homes.

Today, thanks to cutting-edge technology and the rise of the Internet, online marketing has replaced catalog sales. Or has it? Retailers have discovered a synergy between online and catalog sales, with nearly 50 percent of consumers browsing catalogs before making a website purchase. In fact, popular e-commerce sites like One Kings Lane and Birchbox are turning to print catalogs as a way of increasing their reach and bringing in new customers.

According to the Wall Street Journal, the average catalog costs less than $1 to print and generates $4 in sales. With that type of return, it pays to put in the effort to design an attractive and effective retail sales catalog using these helpful tips. Continue reading →

Key Questions To Ask When Designing Signs and Banners

Signs and Banners from Zoo PrintingSigns and banners are such a ubiquitous sight that you might think designing them is a no-brainer. In fact, that’s actually the reason why you do need to invest some time and careful thought into your own signs and banners. Well-designed printed materials stand out to get your message heard over and above those of your competitors.

According to a survey conducted by FedEx Office, more than 50 percent of small business owners consider signs and graphics to be an effective part of their marketing. Somewhat surprisingly, business owners from the Millennial generation between ages 18 and 34 value signage above traditional marketing tools such as direct mail.

Your signs and banners get only one chance to make a good first impression. Use these questions to create signage that enhances your brand and brings customers to your door. Continue reading →